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Brewery / Winery insurance

When it comes to protecting your Winery, Brewery or Distillery business, an insurance agency with specific experience can be a valuable resource. We specialize in helping you evaluate and protect against risk.


Working with numerous beverage industry clients, IIB has developed the expertise necessary to help you through the assessment process and provide you with the coverage required. By having available industry specific products, we will develop a comprehensive plan that protects you and your business at a fair and reasonable price.


Beginning with the bonds for TTB licensing and moving forward through production, IIB is positioned to help you every step of the way. You can be confident that your insurance product is designed for your business and the people representing it will stand beside you should catastrophe occur.

Gauge on Copper Distillery Vat

Coverages Available

  • General Liability

  • Property Coverage

  • Business Personal Property

  • Leakage and Spoilage

  • Special Events Coverage (If you have a wedding or event exposure)

  • Business Income with Extra Expense (what if the building is damaged and you can’t work?)

  • Product Recall (costs if you ship a bad batch)

  • Cyber Liability (If you have a Wine Club with members credit info on file)

  • Liquor Liability (for over served Patrons)

  • Product Liability (chipped beer bottle, mold in the bottle)

  • Exhibitions, Fairs and Festivals

  • Live Music or Entertainment

  • Workers Compensation

  • Employment Practices Liability

  • Umbrella Policies

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